July 8, 2014

Аксессуар для машины- монстр!

   Всем доброго времени суток! 
Сегодня я решила сделать запись на русском языке! Ура для русско-язычных подписчиков и зрителей моего блога! 
Итак, по просьбе мужа, сегодня днем сделала вот такого ужасного монстра как аксессуар для машины. По мне страшный он, но что поделаешь -заказ есть заказ!!

June 27, 2014

Birds on a branch + baby name

Hi everyone.
Here is another felt craft with a baby name. This one is made for a baby girl, last year I did a baby name cloud with droplets and if you want to recreate it, go read it here. This tutorial requires a bit more time as it has more details to it, but it is totally worth it at the end.

First you need to grab all your essential materials such as fabric glue, felt fabric, paper, scissors, needle, pins, decor if preferred, threads and of course your imagination :) Here are the colours I have chosen for my crafty work.

May 22, 2014

Pinguin Tutorial

This tutorial has been sitting in a folder for way too long and it's probably not appropriate for Spring time but as I promised myself I will be uploading every single work I do, so here is another cute work of mine I did over Christmas.
First of all you will need to decide the colours of your felt fabric and threads you will use to sew this pinguin. Sorry I forgot to take a photo of my materials this time, but as usual you will need a filler of your preference, a needle, scissors, paper, fabric glue and accessories if wanted.


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