May 16, 2012

R.I.P. Timochka

It's a sad note that I had decided to write after a long time. At the end of March, my second Guinea Pig Tima had died! It was a very bad evening for me, I haven't seen him before that, due to college.He was of course, one of the best pets I ever had. Because it's so heartbreaking when they die, I've decided not to have anymore pets...Timochka will never be replaced by any other domestic animal, as well as Simochka.
R.I.P. my furry little animals! xox


Опять эти бессонные ночи. Люблю тишину в доме, когда все спят кроме меня. Ночь- это умные и скрытые мысли- вещи, о которых никогда не задумываешься днем))) 

Скоро долгожданное лето- много интересных и веселых событий. 
Жду солнца и тепла, которого так не хватает.



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