November 22, 2011

Twenties and college!

Hi Folks!
I'm back to writing! Again, for those who follow my blog -sorry for no writing anything for so long, I have reasons not to put my nose here!!

 Few days back I've entered my 20's i.e. had a wonderful Birthday!! Everything seemed more emotional to me, maybe it's the age now ...ha ha... anyway, it was a perfect day, everything was just great!!!

Another and probably the main reason I haven't been here is because I'm in my final college year and I'd been piled up with loads of projects and whatnot. That's probably what most people hear from me when they ask how am I doing - It's all college! Exams are almost here, so you won't see me for another long and stressful month, but that's student life for you.

Anyway, hope everyone is doing good. Xmas is almost here, so that's is one of the things I'm looking forward to. What about you, guys?

Ally xxx

August 29, 2011

Summer's Gone!!!

Hey guys!!
It's been long time since I was here, was too lazy to write anything. So here it goes...

Summer is almost gone and it was complete crap with few major exceptions so I'm not compelety sad :) June turned out to be very super eventful: 
  • Being finished with College Placement 
  • Something personal - which was great! 
And how can I forget last summer month which was filled with celebrations which only ended today??

Next week I'm back into my final year at college- sad and exciting!!! Honestly, I forgot how to hold a pen..... it's been almost a year since I've studied something!! And with my major June exceptions, it will be hard to keep my mind JUST on my studies. So many things to be done throughout the year, but I'm excited!!!

May 24, 2011

What are you interested in?

Sorry again,for not posting entries as I've promised..just a lot of things have been on for the past couple of weeks.
Also I keep thinking what can I write here so that people will start reading it..coz it seems that they only stumble onto it,and that's the end of the story.I've read other blogs before and many of you just write personal stuff-family,relationships and all that, no one seems to be interested in general things...hmm,maybe I should do a research or post a poll and see what you really want to read and find out about me?
Its's either that or just a comment under this post.

May 4, 2011

R.I.P. Simochka

Sad Bank Holiday for me,guys! Monday night my Guinea Pig Sima died. I have no idea what was wrong with her, but two days before she died she was very weak and didn't eat anything. She was just sitting in the corner of the cage and her mate Tima was beside her all the time. Every moment I'm not busy doing something, I remember the times she used to be with me - how she used to bite-tickle me all the time and everything. My other g.pig Tima is very lonely and quiet now. I can't even think of replacing her for another girl, she was just too good and unique... I miss her cute little face :(

April 20, 2011

Feeling of Summer

Hi, again!
It seems that I can't get enough of my personal blog..can't leave it for long today! Especially because the weather today is all summery and I want to share the news with you! It has never been like this before, at this time of the year. May yes,not in the middle of April. Everyone is enjoying themselves at near beach or open cafe and guess what? I envy them, coz I'm still stuck inside! So to keep this going, I want to hear your ideas of where YOU spend the day if the weather is all early summer?


Finally, I'm back for good!

Hi Everyone!!
Not many probably noticed that I was gone for so long, but I'm finally back for good! I've forgotten about this blog, I know - sad! But anyway, I'm here and as I said on my profile page I'll try my best to post few entries a week to keep this blog alive and interesting to read))) Follow me and I hope not to bore you with my stories! Oh, and I won't exactly be writing about Ireland all the time, and some of my posts will be written in other language so if you'd like to know what it's about just let me know!




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